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Waste Management & Recycling

The grass is Greener with Greenacres!

If you’re looking for a waste management company that recycles more than 90% of your waste, you have come to the right place. With many years’ experience and a specialised facility at our fingertips, we will reduce the amount of waste that ends in landfill.

As a waste management business, we have an obligation to the environment and reducing our overall impact on it, which is why we have gone to great lengths to make sure that your waste is never just dumped in landfill.

Our facility can recycle over 90% of your waste, no matter what it is. Whether from a skip you have hired with us or a commercial bin, we will make sure that your waste is not wasted!

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Skip Hire For Hazardous Waste Disposal

As well as dealing with and recycling general waste for home and business owners alike, we can also safely dispose of hazardous waste like bonded asbestos. Our company is fully licensed to dispose of it in the correct way. When you hire a skip with us, you can make full use of it for bonded asbestos removal, just simply let us know you will need a skip for bonded asbestos and we will sort this for you.

Bonded asbestos is a building material that was used widely in the 20th century. It was easily available, relatively inexpensive and very insulating. However, when disturbed or removed from buildings, the fibres contained within it are extremely dangerous when breathed in. The substance can cause lung cancer as well as mesothelioma. It was then banned from use in the construction industry in 1985.

However, some houses still have this present in them. Undisturbed, it doesn’t cause any issues, but when construction needs to take place, this hazardous waste needs a licensed waste removal company to dispose of it correctly.

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