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How To Fill A Skip

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So, you’ve hired a skip. Now you need to fill it! But wait, there’s a right way to do this. We’re going to teach you how to fill it properly, so you’re guaranteed collection and won’t have to worry about whether it’s done right.

Filling A Skip Responsibly

Although the materials you put in your skip are going to be waste products, they should still be handled with care. If you’re throwing things in, make sure you watch what you’re doing and ensure that they’re aimed to land in the right place. It’s not usually wise to throw from above your head, as this could cause an injury. Most of the time, it’s fine to simply lift the item off the ground and put it over the edge of the skip.

What Can’t Go In A Skip?

There are a few items which shouldn’t be put in a skip. This is because these items need to be handled separately to be disposed of responsibly. Different hire companies may have slightly different rules, depending on the type of waste they can manage. However, it’s very rare that the following will be allowed:

There are a few other things that may require additional costs or discussions with the waste management company to come to an agreement. Bulky items like mattresses, fridges and sofas are likely to incur a small fee and need pre-arrangement for collection.

Stacking Up

Your skip should never be filled past the top. If you’re to make the most of your hire, you’ll need to stack it responsibly. Working in layers makes this easier, as you can keep the waste level and controlled. Make sure there’s enough room for the largest items, and try to stack smaller pieces around them where possible. You may need to make some small adjustments to the arrangement as you go, but if you’re working layer by layer this should mean you only need to make minor changes to ensure everything fits.

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Choose Greenacres Skip Hire

If you need to hire a skip, you’re in the right place! Contact Greenacres today to arrange your hire period. We provide full-service drop-offs and pick-ups, for the easiest possible service.


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