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Why Is Recycling So Important?

A Hand Of Soil Next To A Green Plant

It’s a common fact that recycling is good for the planet. However, do you know why it’s so important? Sometimes, it’s easier to commit to making lifestyle changes when you know what impact they’ll have. So, we’re going to share with you a few positive outcomes that recycling has.

Less Harm To Animals & The Environment

The practices used to collect raw materials can be very destructive. Fracking is well-known as a controversial means of obtaining oil, but did you know that mining and quarrying are also harmful? Not only can the activity disturb animals and their habitats, it also pollutes air and water. If we’re able to reuse existing materials, this disturbance will no longer be necessary.

Less Waste Goes To Landfill

When waste isn’t recycled, incinerated or otherwise managed, it goes to landfill. The UK has over 500 landfill sites. As the materials break down, they give off toxins and greenhouse gases, which contribute to global warming. A shocking amount of recyclable waste is sent to landfill. If this were recycled instead, there would be less waste rotting away on our planet.

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Recycling Preserves Our Resources

Coal, oil and gas are all in limited supply. Once we use up all of those reserves, that’s it. Therefore, it’s important to consider the future. If we continue to rely on a dwindling supply of material, we will end up with no means of powering the planet in future. It makes sense for us to turn to sustainable energy practices, some of which are powered by recycling, to keep our planet powered for longer.

What Should You Recycle?

In spite of recycling services being widely available in the UK – with many local councils collecting it kerbside weekly – a lot of recyclable waste is still going to landfill. This could be a result of people not caring enough, but it could also be a lack of knowledge. So, what can you recycle?


Glass is also very easy to recycle, but it takes a lot of energy to produce new glass. Therefore, you should be throwing your empty jars and bottles into the recycling for the materials to be used again.


Foil and cans are made of aluminium, which is one of the most easily recycled materials available. When you open a tin of beans or drink a can of beer, consider how easy it is for the packaging to be recycled and made into a new product.


Not all plastics are easily recycled, but the packaging should indicate whether it can be put in the recycling bin. A lot of recyclable waste that’s sent to landfill is plastic, so it pays off to double-check and ensure you’re disposing of it in the greenest way possible.

Choose Greenacres Skip Hire

As responsible experts in waste disposal, we can help with education and waste management. So, if you’d like to ensure your waste is being managed responsibly, get in touch with us today.


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A Hand Of Soil Next To A Green Plant

Why Is Recycling So Important?

It’s a common fact that recycling is good for the planet. However, do you know why it’s so important? Sometimes, it’s easier to commit to

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